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May 18, 2021 admin 0

To divide consciousness into 7 distinct entities. Pre Conscious Conscious Unconscious Post Conscious Pre Collective Conscious Collection Conscious Post Collection Conscious Meanings can be relatively […]

Rocket #1

June 1, 2020 admin 0

Preparing to launch my first rocket using G engines next week. I’ll have a pi onboard sending back GPS, and various data points. Interesting I […]

Hopi Book

May 11, 2020 admin 0

I’m still working on my childrens books and now well into the 2nd one. Teasers posted. After studying Enuma Elis I wanted something more local, […]

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Stock Trackers

May 11, 2020 admin 0

I’m actively working on my stock tracker again, small time agile for top gainers. Teasing out pump n dumps, low volumes. We’re just crawling data […]

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Linux Workshops

August 13, 2019 admin 0

ACMLinux WS Handout Class 1 Linux Commands ACMLinux WS2Handout Class 2  More Linux Commands and setting up a VM ACMLinux WS3Flyer Class 3 Setting up […]